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If you haven’t seen the television show or the comic book, you certainly must have noticed the action figures at your local toy store. If you haven’t seen those or the commercials for them, then you must be living in a grass hut somewhere in South America. Morphing a robot into some other entity, be it a dinosaur, insect or other like creature is what a Transformer is all about.

Beast Wars brings the transformin’ to the PlayStation with animated 3-D polygonal robots and their animal alter-images. Of course, to make things interesting, they are engaged in a fight for control of the universe ah, that old struggle again The rugged 3-D terrain which has become commonplace on the PlayStation features your standard jungle, desert, forest and suburban environments.

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It gives you the opportunity to explore the landscape of several fun filled zones such as Desert, Urban, Polluted or the really hard volcanic zone. Over all I hold the game to the same high standared as I do the cartoon show.

The game is just as fun as the TV show. All of the missions are really fun, all though hard, I still get a kick out of playing the game. I think this game deserves five stars and I think it’s the perfect thing for any Beast Wars fan to have in their collection.

One person found this helpful. This is one of the worst games in the world. The graphics are good but the games is not. The game is not to fun because tried to rate it E. This made them take out to much stuff. That made it a horrible game. See all reviews. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top.

Get to Know Us. Observing the Energon-richness of the area, the Predacons decide to eliminate Cheetor’s operation, and annex the territory. The Predacon is tasked to plant a bomb within Cheetor’s mining plant. Retrieving an explosive device from a nearby station, and making his way through many units hidden beneath the desert sands, the Predacon finally reaches the target.

In order to gain access to the machine’s inner mechanism, where the bomb must be planted, the machine must be first activated, forcing the Predacon to dodge large boulders as they tumble down the machine’s various conveyor belts.

After the bomb is properly placed, the Predacon must clear the bomb’s blast radius before the device detonates, completing the mission. The Predacons’ resources have been increased significantly thanks to the completion of the previous mission phase. In order to secure the area permanently however, Cheetor himself must be eliminated. The journey to Cheetor’s inner sanctum is a short one, but still riddled with danger nonetheless. In addition to an increasing number of Skriix aliens in the vicinity, Cheetor’s turrets and aerial drone constantly barrage the Predacon with firepower.

But once they have been bypassed, the Predacon need only circumvent the energon-filled moat via floating platform to behold Cheetor’s central base of operation; a large stone structure, with two large stone sphinxes bearing Cheetor’s facial likeness flanking the entrance. Once inside, the firefight between the Maximal and the Predacon commence, and once Cheetor is downed, the Predacon’s mission is considered a success. The Maximals have detected a stasis pod in the Polluted Area.

The Predacons plan to reach it first, and claim the Transformer within. The Predacon is sent to secure the pod, but is forced to do so with limited time spent in robot-form, due to the area’s high Energon radiation.

This video game article is a stub and is missing information. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. With Blackarachnia now added to the Predacon ranks, the Predacons’ attention shift to the alien life forms infesting the planet. Due to fear that the Maximals might somehow use the aliens’ power against them, Megatron decides to eliminate the nearby Maximal forces.

The Predacon is tasked with completing this objective. After experimenting on the aliens, it has been deemed that they are of no use to the Predacons.

However, they have caused damage to Dinobot ‘s forces. This opens an opportunity for the Predacon to eliminate Dinobot while he is vulnerable. The Maximals are retaliating, and their forces advancing upon the Predacons’ ship. The Predacon is tasked with eliminating the incoming threat.

Exiting the Darksyde, the Predacon faces new Maximal drone units, notably Optimus Primal’s Gorilla-bots, who use powerful seismic attacks to disorient the Predacon, bomber ships, and an enormous vessel that appears in a flash of light.

Though tougher than previously encountered enemies, all of these drone units still fall to enough firepower, if the Predacon is able to avoid their fire while hopping along the stone pillars protruding from the nearby river of lava. Optimus Primal ‘s forces having been repulsed from Predacon territory, Megatron orders a counter-attack. The Predacon presses-on into Maximal territory for a final assault. With his troops in disarray, Optimus Primal is now vulnerable. The Predacon is sent in to assassinate the Maximal leader.

With the Maximals eliminated, Megatron waxes on about his plans for Cybertron and the Galaxy at large.

The Predacons then proceed to fly their ship back to Cybertron , destroy a few of the planet’s satellites, rain fiery death upon a Cybertronian city, and explode an entire hemisphere. In the event that a Predacon soldier is brought into Maximal custody, the Predacon must navigate through incoming Maximal air drones, asteroid fields and hover mines before intercepting the Maximal transport ship. Attacking it from above, and destroying the ship’s turrets, air-intake mechanism and tail fins before downing the ship itself, allows for the captured Predacon to be rescued.

In the event that all Predacon forces are downed in combat, Optimus Primal’s forces systematically brutalize the Predacons, leaving Megatron in pieces and his troops bullet-riddled, scrapped and exploded. Views Page Discussion View source History. Jump to: navigation , search. At the beginning of each level within the Maximal campaign, the player is free to choose to play as Optimus Primal , Cheetor , Dinobot or Rhinox.

KyleRendar 0 point. I actually can’t even get the setup. I’m running it as an administrator. Any idea how to make the installation run? LepGadio86Lol 0 point. Ughig -1 point. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like.


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By navigating around the nearby dilapidated structures and bypassing Inferno’s defences, the Maximal must root out every enemy unit to complete the second phase of this mission. The situation is further complicated by the arrival of the inter-dimensional aliens, the Skriix , forcing both factions to take arms against this new threat.


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