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Film Director. Film Industry. Color Correction. Images Gif. Photoshop Tips. Photoshop Tutorial. Photoshop Elements. Yes, the Elements applications add a friendlier consumer interface with extensive tips and tutorials, and simplified editing modes like the video storyboard and one-click photo quick fixes. But idea is to provide a growth path as you get more experienced — so you can start simply, but then not hit a dead end in the application as your editing gets more sophisticated.

The bottom line is that Adobe has designed the Elements tools for motivated enthusiasts who want to do more than a quick occasional edit — people who are motivated and organized about shooting and managing their footage, and willing to put in the effort to tag and analyze it. As a result, the Elements line is about more than accessible editing — It’s built around three major themes: Organization, Automated analysis and editing, and Online sharing.

Beyond the core Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements applications, the Elements products are built around the Elements Organizer , a separate application for importing, organizing, and tagging both photos and video. In the Organizer, you can can drag and drop to group and apply albums and tags, even with a Keyword Tag Cloud for frequently used tags.

Beyond manual tagging, Elements supports automated analysis — As you import media in the Elements Organizer, it can apply the Auto-Analyzer to determine the video quality. After detecting scene changes, it detects and tags clips based on video features, audio characteristics, and video content. And for photos, it not only finds multiple faces in images, but then does people recognition — prompting you to enter the names of different people, and then finding additional matches to those faces.

Then you can launch the individual applications for more extensive photo or video editing. The Elements Plus upgrade increases the online storage from 2 to 20GB, and provides access to additional libraries of how-tos, movie themes, and video effects.

In Elements 10, the Organizer is now fully integrated between Premiere and Photoshop Elements, and fully functional on both Windows and the Mac. You can also use it to immediately share clips online, on YouTube, Photoshop. When you import new media, the Organizer does extensive processing of both photos and video clips, so this is not a tool for quick in-and-out editing.

Instead, the Auto-Analyzer performs intelligent content analysis to find the most interesting and highest quality imagery, and uses that information to automatically set a variety of Smart Tags for each piece of media. Elements also performs People Recognition to automatically identify and tag people in photos, even across time from children to adults.

And photos shared on Facebook can be tagged based on the information in the Organizer. This processing, augmented by your own tags, then helps you to better organize your photos and footage, as well as assisting the Elements tools to provide automated editing assistance. To find interesting photos, Elements 10 adds new visual searching options beyond text and tags. The new Object Search then finds specific objects that you select from within a photo.

And the new duplicate photo search finds duplicate or similar photos that you can clean up or group, to better organize your collection.

Once you have your media files imported and under control, you can launch into Premiere Elements to work on your video production with a traditional-style storyboard or timeline-editing interface.

Use the project tab to import and assemble the media files for your production, and the edit tab to enhance with effects, transitions, titles, and clip art, or to apply professionally-designed themes. It also adds a pan and zoom tool to create customized pan and zoom motions across photos, automatically moving to the faces found in the earlier tagging.

And it includes additional movie themes and Online Album templates, and adds SmartSound on the Mac to add musical soundtracks that automatically adjust to match the movie length. As a bonus, Premiere Elements 10 now comes in both a bit and bit version for Windows, opening up more memory and better performance for more complex productions. Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and Photoshop Elements 10 are a welcome next step in the decade-long progression of the Elements line.


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Follow Report. Community guidelines. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more. Jump to latest reply. Steve Grisetti. You can not control the leading or kerning of text in Premiere Elements In Response To Steve Grisetti. Hi Steve! Thanks for answering so quickly.

But this is poor, that focusing on making Elements easier with more effects and assistants means also to delete good possibilities in the expert mode. To create a title in two lines looks bad not having a space in between. And a whole line is too much too.

And to have a rider for Kerning is helpful too to create your own title art. As a matter of fact I never used the special effects.

To make a little film or clip it looks so much more professional without. But: Give these possibilities back!!! The professional version is too expensive and complex if you need it only once in a while. In Response To jorn2. Bill Sprague. Post Reply. Preview Exit Preview. You must be signed in to add attachments.

Get Started. System Requirements for Premiere Elements. How to buy Adobe Premiere Elements ? User Guide. Download and Install. Generic headline with a paragraph below. Aligned to the middle of the frame. Varying headline text sizes, transition between solid and bordered text effects. A fast and bold text opener switching between solid and video background frames. A text box slides from left to right along with a title and subtitle. Dot point call-out with two lines of black text for a title and a sub title.

Text box with title and description that slides down from a line. Two text boxes with a title and a subtitle sliding from the left and the text coming from the right. A colored square that transforms into a text box that has the title with bold font center-aligned. An angled banner with heading and subheading. Drop shadow effect.


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Sep 03,  · #withme #learn #tutorialGet your Subscription Free Copy of Adobe Premiere Elements Here I show you a super easy way to add and o. Try Adobe Premiere Elements free for 30 days. Get started. Try Adobe Premiere Elements free for 30 days. Get started. Explore all the features. Your day trial gives you access to all the great features of Premiere Elements , so you can take any feature for a test drive and create incredible videos, slideshows, and animations. Jan 12,  · In the Monitor panel, select the text. In the Text tab of the Adjust panel, do any of the following: Choose a style from the Font Style menu. Click one or more of the font style icons: Bold, Italic, Underline. note: If the typeface doesn’t include bold or italic versions, their font style icons appear dimmed.


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